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we are Providing best and top-rated SAP AFS Solutions For SAP Server On Hand Experience. SAP AFS All intermediate Transactions Combine with this solution and our team to bind E-solutions For Enhance Your Skill with SAP Shared AFS Solutions.

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SAP AFS IDES Access Helps SAP Apparel. In other words, Footwear is best and top Solution Provide By SAP AFS E-Business Solutions.

SAP AFS IDES Access Shared


Similarly, SAP AFS IDES Access Process Features:

» In addition, SAP AFS Trying Textile Industries ERP (Enterprises Resources Planning) provides software-centric solutions to customers in the enterprise computing space.

from the benefits of SAP AFS IDES Access. Therefore,

» Our SAP AFS IDES Access be enhanced e-Solution for Textile Industries ERP (Enterprises Resources Planning) leverage from the benefits of footwear industries.
» Our SAP AFS IDES Access Textile Industries ERP (Enterprises Resources Planning) is online application Software So you can Secure Login.
from all over the world.

» At Textile SAP AFS IDES Access you can control your business from anywhere in the world.
» Textile SAP AFS (Apparel and Footwear) will save your money
» SAP AFS will Return Double of your software Investment in One year.
» SAP AFS we believe that the fact we entered this market recently is an asset.
» We can build a new breed of business applications With Help of SAP AFS,
» SAP AFS is more modular e-business Solutions.
» In addition, SAP  is more customer-friendly and QUICK Solutions for Footwear.
» In addition, SAP AFS solutions are fully controlled Chain to enhanced influences.
» our textile designing software is more user-friendly enable us to boost in sector.

Remote SAP AFS Access

SAP AFS IDES Access Solutions – Materials is a comprehensive and user-friendly system covering all areas related to Materials management. Therefore, The Materials system of the following modules.

Engineering Works » Define Units and Conversion Rules.

» Define items and their detailed properties with easily SAP AFS Server Access.
» Define Bill of material for each product.

Material Requirement Planning in SAP AFS Using Simple Process :

» Define Production Plan with SAP AFS IDES Access. For instance,
» Carry out BOM explosion for the plan and generate Materials requirements.
» In other words,Generate MRP on any interval and create Purchase requisitions based on MRP Plan.
» Purchase And supply changing easily managed in footwear industries. For instance,
» Define Payment Terms and Standard Purchase Terms. For instance,
» Define Sales Tax Rules, Customs & Excise Rules for each item (as applicable)
» Create Vendor-Item Catalog. For instance,
»In other words, Send Request for Quotation to vendors.
» In other words,Enter quotation received and perform a comparative analysis.
» Approve quotation for purchases. For instance,
» In other words,Create P.O. online-based requisitions.
» Suspend, cancel or close P.O. (if required)
» In other words,Create Delivery Schedule Releases.
» Create P.O. Amendments (if required)
» Track Complete amendment history» Assess vendor performance.

SAP AFS Remote Access

Inventory Control With Shared SAP IDES Server Access For Practice:

Quality Control » Enter all stores transaction on-line
» Track all material by Batch No./Lot No.
» Generate stock ledgers instantly. For instance,
» Value inventory based on several methods.
» Create various analysis reports (ABC, XYZ, FSN, VED)

Quality Control :

» Define comprehensive Quality Control specification for each item.
» Access GRNs awaiting Q.C. on-line. For instance,
» Access Test Intimations from Production.
» Generate Q.C. register for items/batches to be analyzed and print Sampling Slips. For instance,
» Update test results on-line and match with standards to approve or reject material.
» In other words, Imp of Print Test Certificates
» Post accepted/rejected quantities in stock ledger online» Track rejections by vendors as well by items


Distribution Planning » Production Planning Software. In addition, Sales is a comprehensive, flexible and user-friendly system covering all areas related to sales.
» The sales system consists of the following modules.

Distribution Planning :

» Define each Product and its complete details such as Pack Size, Weight etc.
» Group products by Product Groups for planning, reporting, and analysis. In addition,
» Group marketing areas by Zone, Regions, and Territories.
» Define Depot wise Sales Forecast. In addition,
» Create Depot Distribution Plans based on Sales Forecast and Inventories held.
» Create Depot Dispatch Schedules from Distribution Plan and Production Plan.

Finished Goods Inventory :

Finished Goods Inventory » Enter all stores transactions on-line.
» Track stocks Batch wise with manufacturing and expiry date details. In addition,
» Print Stock Statements and Stock Ledgers instantly with an ultra-fast processing engine.
» Print Excise Bond Stock Statement (RG-1)

Depot Inventory :

» In other words,F.G. receipt by Depots.
» In other words, imp of Depot Sales.
» Record Inter-Depot Transfers. In addition,
» Generate Depot wise Stock Statement and various other reports including Depot wise Sales, Product wise Sales, Region wise.
» Maintain finished products price-lists. In addition,
» Comprehensive Pricing Model provides you.
» Define state-wise Sales Tax, Trade Discounts, Retailer’s Margins. In addition,
» Automatically calculate Net Trade Prices and Asses-sable Rates (for Excise)
» Define Free Quantities under Schemes.
» Create state-wise price lists for various states for items with uniform M.R.P
» Maintain extensive Customer’s information.
» Process Request for Quotations. In addition,
» Process Sales Orders with SAP AFS Ides Server Access.
Registration For Free ERP Software » Print Sales Register.
» Print Daily Stock & Sales Statement. In addition,
» Print various other reports with sap ides sap server access shared.
» Fully integrated with A/c Receivables.


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